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Hi this my blog of Stuff and the Universe 

Consultants on – Technology – Product Marketing – Media – Business Development – Account Management

“Partnering with Customers for Sales Success”

I have worked in various Sales positions within ICT Industry – Advertising Media Sales

I am a Connector in that I use the network I have built up over last 20 years to introduce people in business to the ones they should be networking with.

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I also run the nationwide

Roger Bennett’s Specialities:

Excellent knowledge of the New Zealand IT Industry. Extensive product knowledge is coupled with creative ideas for business solutions. Strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organisational goals. Self-motivator and high energy.

When people tell you it can’t be done what do you say?

 Best regards Roger Bennett


About Roger Bennett

I know what I know from living I am a Technology Evangelist based in Auckland, New Zealand Middle Earth ·
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