®ogben Review: WD TV Live

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With Winter coming we needed a way to watch (stream) TV programs in another room. from our network media servers so I purchased the WD TV Live from Acquire.co.nz

The install is plug and play after the boot up you get an easy to use menu for all the features of the unit.

I am using this on a Panasonic CRT TV as I am waiting for the price drop / Sales  on LED’s TV’s that will come in November, as this will be the last month retailers will have to upgrade home users.  The Analogue TV turn off  happens in Auckland and is the last place in New Zealand to Go Digital , on the 1st December 2013.

So for around NZ$80 dollars you get a media player that is connected to your network that works on older technology TV’s as well as HDMI (for full 1080P HD TV). ( Ready for when I upgrade) I used the Analogue (composite) connector which has a phono plug out of the unit and RCA Video (Yellow) Audio (White and Red) to the TV you also get a RGB cable as well that also uses the phono plug on the unit.


You also get a USB plug on the back of the unit, to plug in a Portable hard drive. To look at Pictures or the Video you have just taken.  My Unit does not have a USB Plug on the front as in the top picture which would be handy.

The Remote unit is used for everything as the unit has no buttons. Plus you can download the free TV Remote app for iOS or Android, and then use your phone to control the unit. You just have to be on the same network and the app with do the rest.

Most vendors are coming out with their own apps built in to the device. The one that stands out on the WD TV Live is YouTube and I could see the Netflix app working here if they ever get downunder.  The Facebook app needs work but I didn’t buy the unit for the app’s.

Streaming YouTube works really well as there is so much to watch when you get bored of Normal TV. (just a shame it is closing down)

Concluding if you want a cheaper Apple TV option then go for this one.

More information here http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=330


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