Twitter “Your Twitter archive” What was your 1st Tweet?

rbbug_biggerDid you know you can download all your Tweets if you go to your Twitter settings then as below, request your archive.  You will then get to download a zip file with an index and spreadsheet of all your tweets.

My first EVER Tweet was Feb 2009  “Setting up Twitter”  how lame was that chick here download app —- Done.

Taken from the index offline menu you will see as below.
didn’t do a lot of tweeting in 2009 by the looks of it.

first tweet

March 2013 and my Tweets were 125.  I like the rhyme I am producing now can you here the beet.


Go on do it then post your first ever Tweet below in the reply as I have


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  1. Roger Bennett @rogben Setting up Twitter

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