I like what Dropbox is doing

Dropbox do you use it?

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3 Responses to I like what Dropbox is doing

  1. Steve Rielly says:

    I’m a Google Drive fan. Have the app on my phone and tablet, and redirected the ‘short-cuts’ on my windows desktop so that downloads, pictures, my documents etc are all within the Google Drive directory.
    So anything I produce, or download, is automatically available on the other devices.
    I now only backup my laptop once a month, after patch Tuesday, and that’s only so I don’t have a full patch rebuild.

  2. Funny that I have my Sky Drive in my dropbox I will also add Google drive then I have 3 backups of all my stuff

  3. Steve Rielly says:

    Ah, good idea. Will have to set up dropbox again just for that.

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