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Your Cloud Was Breached. Now What?

Your Cloud Was Breached. Now What? (via InformationWeek) First of all, take a deep breath.  If you stay vigilant during a cloud breach — and have a proactive security model in place — you’ll weather the storm. The first step … Continue reading

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Windows XP goes Dark – time to update now!

(via InformationWeek) Windows XP Goes Dark: 5 Things To Expect Microsoft customers face Windows XP’s end-of-service deadline. How much will you suffer from the lack of support? In less than a month, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. After 12 … Continue reading

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Huawei Confirms Dual-OS Android-Windows Smartphone

Smartphone will let users swap between Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Huawei Confirms Dual-OS Android-Windows Smartphone (via InformationWeek) Big changes could be in store for Windows Phone. Hot on the heels of claims that Microsoft has waived Windows Phone … Continue reading

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New iOS7.1 updates

Check out this video on the new iOS7.1 updates by Yoni Heisler

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Firefox OS

iOS and Android are great, but they each have their own rules and policies that certainly inhibit the creative efforts of developers. Mozilla has since decided to build a new mobile operating system from scratch, one that will focus on true openness, freedom … Continue reading

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