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®ogben Review: StickNFind – Bluetooth Location Stickers

Look what landed on my desk Two StickNFind Bluetooth location Stickers. This product was crowd funded on the http://www.indiegogo.com site as a project they only had a goal of US$70,000 but raised over US$931,000 and I helped get this product off the ground, with … Continue reading

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Hmm… go to the movies 15 mins – Get tickets and popcorn and drinks 5 mins – Go to seats and get ready for movie 3 mins – Movie Starts – 1 min – Movie ends  Hmmm so how was … Continue reading

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Television here is my spin……

Television (TV) is a widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, either monochromatic (“black and white”) or color, usually accompanied by sound. Wikipedia  Television here is my spin…… My family got our first TV in 1965 after … Continue reading

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When advertising FAILS! I like this one as when the sign is away it will work, but when on a School bus run it has another message.

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Advertising from the inside

Advertising more to come…… I have worked for Action Media selling advertising that covers the NZ ICT range from Trade to Consumer. Having worked in the IT Industry selling computer equipment for over 16 years, I am an evangelist when it comes to … Continue reading

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