®ogben Review: The Dino-lite Digital Microscope

Here is a review I did a while ago for http://www.Techstuffbert.com

The Dino-lite Digital Microscope AD413T 

 Website:    www.din0-lite.com

Price:         £260.95 (ex. VAT)

This was a fun little device you can see the examples below of what my daughter and I produced. Works on Windows and Mac and I use my Mac book pro for this test. 

The software installed with ease, I had to download the Mac version as this was not on the supplied CD, The device plugs in via USB and you have an option of turning on the LED lights in the unit but I found that you get a better result with the lights on all the time. Not to sure why you would turn them off when you are looking at a magnification of 200 times. 

You can take snaps and video.  You can see the results of our tests below.

My Wedding ring 

A Magazine
A Silver Brooch
 A Woven Blanket      

About Roger Bennett

I know what I know from living I am a Technology Evangelist based in Auckland, New Zealand Middle Earth · http://bennett-nz.com
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