®ogben Review: TV Program – Revenge

RevengeRevenge season 3 Episode 11  “Spoiler Alert”

To be honest I think this will be the last season of Revenge with another 11 episodes to go  I do hope we get Revenge on this show as I have put 55 hours over 3 years starting in 2011.  I do love the way they start the season with the midseason cliff hanger.  So you know what is going to happen!  but does it always happen the way you think it has? This takes great writing to pull this off.  This is what Mike Kelley is all about great writing.

I guess the question is where can it go from here, there has been another injection of new characters and all these are out for Revenge too so with Daniel shooting his bride and then the Grayson’s putting the blame on to Lydia Davis I guess will we get Revenge in the coming weeks?

TV.com Review of this Episode

IMDB Revenge


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