®ogben Review: StickNFind – Bluetooth Location Stickers

Look what landed on my desk Two StickNFind Bluetooth location Stickers.


This product was crowd funded on the http://www.indiegogo.com site as a project they only had a goal of US$70,000 but raised over US$931,000 and I helped get this product off the ground, with my US$30 dollar investment. StickNFind Link here

So you can stick these to anything, you want to track, you can add a Virtual Leash, in my case I have it attached to the plastic keyring tab to tack my keys (a little plastic key ring tab that also comes with the product, see in above photo) with the leash on you can have a short -medium – long or out of range alert that will alert your phone or the sticker or both. if the sticker is out of the set range you have set it too.

photo 1     photo 2

Above you can see the App which I have running on my iPhone the radar is great to find my keys if you need still don’t find it you can make the sticker beep and flash. There is also an Android app as well that you have to download.  Your Device needs to be Bluetooth 4.0 compatible so iPhone 4s and above iPad 3 -iPad mini and above iPod Touch 5th gen  – Android 4.0 OS and above.

You can see on the second picture above when searching it will auto zoom so the pink sticker was about 8 -12 virtual feet away. The maximum range is further than I expected up to 30 metres they say 100 feet so that is about right.

They also come with a Temperature sensor which was quite cool to see the different temperature in different parts of the house.

So what would you use it for as I was showing some family yesterday they came up with this list USB drives – or any type of drive you want to track – Keys – Phones – Bags -TV remote -Wallet -Cat – Dog – kids may be a bit to far – but the list is endless.

Now we will have to wait and see how long the battery lasts Stick N Find say about a year then you can change it for a new one. – will report back on this one in the future.

Set up was easy you tap the StickNFind sticker 4 times to wake it up as it ships in a sleep mode. You have to download the app first and then pair the sticker to your device. You can pair each sticker with up to 8 devices.

Did I say you can also get them in all kinds of colours more here http://www.sticknfind.com/

Wait there is more to come……

StickNFind Task Launcher.  NEW APP

By placing Stick-N-Find stickers in your Car, Home, Office, etc., the StickNFind Task Launcher app has the ability to change automatically a user’s phone settings, launch applications, change ringtone music etc.

For example, stickers can be put in different locations such as the door of a conference room. As a user walks in to attend a conference, the app will change the phone’s ringer to silent.

Other features include the ability to choose different tasks for different rooms. Music can be automatically turned on for one area while a navigation app may be started when sitting down at the wheel of a car. The app can even change the user’s ringtone when you get home, or check into Facebook depending on what location is accessed by the user.
StickNFind task launcher will be available in March for Android devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0

StickNFind are also working on an iOS version. Pending Apple’s approval, StickNFind Task Launcher for iOS will be ready by early summer. Which will be great Can’t wait! 


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7 Responses to ®ogben Review: StickNFind – Bluetooth Location Stickers

  1. kit says:

    Sadly there isn’t even an Android app for the basic function yet, let alone a task launcher! I’ve had my stickers for over a week now but as I’m on Android they’re completely useless with no app. I got a stock response from them last week saying the Android app would be available last week (which it wasn’t). Pretty annoyed at this point – not having a great experience with crowd-funded projects…still waiting for my Pebble watch.

  2. Ola says:

    I’ve got 2 of these and have to say they are VERY VERY sensitive to interference. For me, the advertised range is nowhere near that claimed. Frequently the stickers show up as out of range, even when they’re within a few feet. They are VERY sensitive to any metal objects, and unfortunately in the case of keys, we’re talking about a big metal object. The sticker also appears directional – the signal strength varies hugely depending on whether the grille on the front of the sticker is facing toward or away from the phone. Thus, depending on which way the lost item falls when it gets put down, that will affect the range. All in all a neat idea, but I’m not so impressed with “real world” functionality.

  3. cybergibbons says:

    Please consider that the product is only partially functional and the company appear to be dishonest about it:


  4. Sydney waring says:

    I bought 20… Great concept but with out volume adjustment, they are worthless.

  5. Jeff says:

    I can not even find the android app….where do you get tha?

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